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About Me

Hi! I’m Maz- a woman trying to make sense of life after going through several significant changes. I have been married, divorced, broken hearted, in a committed relationship, pregnant and now a mum. I have also been young, carefree, anxious and down in the dumps. The purpose of my blog is to provide comfort, reassurance and a space for people not to feel alone, even at their most vulnerable. I have had nights of sleeplessness, where I Google, hoping there would be others sharing my thoughts and experiences. I hope this becomes a haven for those looking for connection, heart, and relateable posts.

Included in my blog are humour, facts, opinion and entertainment. Being a new mum will be discussed as well as reflecting on significant past events. I will also feature guest bloggers who are also willing to bare a piece their souls.

If you want to contribute for those early hours of the morning readers:

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