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My Shower gives me Swimmer’s Ear

Looking back to the era of the Playboy Bunny, it was considered sexy for them to balance a martini on a tray while wearing a skimpy one piece and showing off a cotton tail on their perfect derrière.

Today, I showered with cotton balls in my ear.

The saying, two is better than one, did not ring true with the cotton balls. Playboy Bunny, you win.

Since having Butterball, my immunity has changed greatly. Yes, there is the obvious weight gain, but, I would like to admit that showering now presents me with ear infections.

Oh how the mighty have fallen…

For the past two days I have googled how to shower without getting water in your ear. Thank God Google has an answer for everything. I swear I have searched the weirdest topics, and I am yet to be left flummoxed.

Cue my Facebook being inundated with advertisements for ear plugs, swimming caps and ear drops.

I took showering for granted, don’t be like me

So, while you shower, allowing the water to flow freely, heavily, relaxingly, over your head, spare a thought for us. Those of us who need to shower with cotton balls in our ears, looking like flesh coloured Telly Tubbies in order to not harm our precious ear canals.


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