The Harmony and Struggle with Father Time

Time. We cannot beat it. We can try, but the biological nature of it catches up with us all. Sure, cosmetic surgery, health and fitness can all combat appearance and wellbeing, but time often doesn’t care for these efforts.

What has triggered my writing of this is the perspective of Doctor Richard Harris. He was one of the Australian divers that rescued the twelve young Thai boys from a cave last year. He was interviewed on The Project and discussed the passing of his father shortly after the rescue mission. Dr Harris said he was comforted by his father’s teaching of how the quality of life is far more important than the quantity of years you live. Therefore, we cannot beat time, but we can use it to provide purpose that fulfills each aspect that makes us, us.

Nothing Lasts Forever

We really grip on so tightly to everything lasting forever. Relationships, careers, animals, family dynamic and our life cycle. But, relying on everything to last forever is not realistic. It sounds pessimistic, sure, but are we able to make the most of our current situation so when different relationships, scenarios or when life ends, we don’t live in regret.

Wasting Light

Living in the moment is a known clichè, but do we really live it to its fullest?

Waiting for things to happen for you isn’t living in the moment. Nor is procrastination. Neither is putting things off until later. Or waiting until you have more money saved in the bank. All of these equal waste and there is no turning back the clock.

How can life be lived with purpose?

A change of perspective and gratitude is required. It begins with loving yourself first. If you can tell yourself, “I love you”, then you’re onto a great start. And if you can’t express love to yourself, then I highly recommend it. Loving yourself, forgiving yourself and accepting who you are is liberating and invigorates the soul. So try, in a quiet place of solitude, tell yourself, “I love you”. And if you can’t, then you’re not alone. I’ve been there and made it through. You really need to work on saying, “I love you”, each day until your mind, body and soul are connected and are genuinely loved by you who embodies them. It is life changing. I personally believe that if you love yourself, you will flourish because you stop thinking of yourself as not good enough.

Projecting your love out onto your family, friends and fur babies makes time well spent. Quality conversation, a quick text, a hug or a phone call promotes togetherness. And please don’t forget to be a sound board to your loved ones too. Essentially, everyone wants to be heard and thoughtfully listened to.

Furthermore, you need to question if a grudge is really worth holding against someone? Is it worth the build up of toxicity in your body and soul? Is it worth the isolation that you force upon yourself and others? Even if you never want to speak to a specific person or group of people again, ensure you’re at peace with this decision because time waits for no one and anger reeks havoc on your wellbeing.

The Bucket List. Such a great list that is often mentally noted. What if you wrote out your Bucket List? Would you strive to achieve those dream moments even more? If you want to travel, do it. If you want to try a new cuisine each month, just go for it. Even aiming to watch a television series or all of the movies directed by John Hughes. It doesn’t always have to be about leaving the country, but it does need to be about venturing beyond your comfort zone. Don’t let fear of the unknown or ignorance stand in your way of education, self worth and joy.

I find donating time, material items and money to charity, no matter how big or small, to be fulfilling. It is not about satiating your own ego but to strive to be a good human and bring happiness or provide less heaviness on one’s shoulders. Volunteering or making a donation gives purpose to our lives. It is also healing after experiencing trauma. What better way to spend a moment of your time than participating in your local, national or global community- with purpose.

The deep question is, how do you want to spend the rest of your time on this current, physical plane? What can you do to ensure you use your time wisely? We are here for a good time, not a long time so I encourage you to make an effort to venture beyond your comfort zone. Father Time may be ticking but you have the control to living a soul fulfilling life.

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