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Doctor Beat- Stat!

Doctor I’ve got this feelin’
Deep inside of me, deep inside of me
I just can’t control my feet When I hear the beat, when I hear the beat

To begin this blog with the lyrics of “Dr Beat”, by Gloria Estefan felt fitting. Music generates energy. It can also support your mood or revive you. Music is healing, powerful and uniting. It is the complete catalyst for connection: connecting with your brain, your ears, your body, your heart, your soul. This also leads to connecting to the musician, instruments, your fellow music lovers and strangers.

Music lifts you when you need that edge. It consoles you when your heart is broken. It awakens your senses and can blow your mind. That is how powerful music is.

All the Small Things

I never thought I would say this but, Blink 182 played a huge role from my adolescence to the moment I could take Butterball home from the Royal Children’s Hospital. From age fourteen, their boyish charm and phallic driven lyrics made me laugh, pogo around my room and feel free. That feeling came back when I was told Butterball could finally be released from ICU. When I walked back to Ronald McDonald House, I put my headphones on and blasted their greatest hits. That feeling of freedom, silliness and excitement returned. It reminded me that life is silly, fun and to be celebrated. I walked differently through the hospital corridors- shoulders straight, head high, steps bouncing to the fast tempo. This frivolous band of my teenage years were part of my celebrations as a new mum of a healed boy.

Don’t Let Go

Partner R introduced me to Weezer on our very first date. The Green Album united us as he drove me home, refusing to let go of my hand therefore not being able to change the gears in his car. This is one of my favourite memories of my life and even through those years of not being together, Weezer were still one of my favourite bands.


Now, I cannot neglect my musical upbringing influenced by my parents. Playing Freeze to John Farnham with my cousins; looking through the vinyl album covers of Whitney Houston and The Bangles; car trips with each family member singing their role in Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody before Wayne’s World made it cool. Dad trained me on recognising artists and matching them to their songs.

Once, I think I was nine, dad cockily said, “I will give you one hundred dollars if you can name this band playing on the radio”. I looked back at him excitedly’ “THE ROLLING STONES”. Ah yes, the student had outgrown the master- but I did not see that hundred bucks- instead dad gave me a twenty dollar note and we never played that game again.

Stand up and shout

Nothing beats live music or even a festival. By making a conscious effort to see a band, you instantly develop comeradery with your fellow music lovers. You dance with your friends, link arms and singalong with newly made friends and smile at the band who are friends in your mind.

That said, I think I have sung whole heartedly to, “My Happiness”, by Powderfinger multiple times at many Big Day Outs.

Just Dance

So ladies and gents, you now have a choice- listen to something boppy and shake that ass to lift your mood; listen to something mellow and chill out; listen to something sad and release what is pent up inside you; or listen to something nostalgic that puts a smile on your face. Let the energy of music fill your soul and speak to your heart. Until next time, love to you all x

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