Have you squeezed in your kegel workout today?

Have you ever peed yourself?

Had loss of bladder control when you sneezed?

Someone sneak up behind you, give you a fright and weeeeee?

Having a baby’s head wedged down, low into your pelvis changes your life and your body. In fact, this teeny tiny little baby, can control you like an upside down puppet master. He or she unknowingly determines how often you need to pee, when you pee, whether or not you should cross your legs and how hard you really should laugh at a joke. All from them using your bladder as a pillow. Delightful.

Ultimately, at this time, the pelvic floor muscle has a spotlight shone on it, put on a stage with a cane and top hat while singing, “wee, wee, wee all the way home”. Yes grand muscle, this is your time to shine. Nobody puts pelvy in the corner.

So, the take away from my post today is to squeeze that pelvic floor!

It is important to note that women at all ages and stages must strengthen their pelvic floor. This is not an exclusive weak point.

So here are my tips:

If you’re pregnant- squeeze and release. It is especially during this time that you should be dedicated to this workout.

If you’re post-partum, squeeze and release. Do it while feeding, do it as your daily exercise.

If you’re bored, squeeze and release. It could be fun.

If you’re at the hairdresser, squeeze and release. Great hair, great control.

As women, we really should be working on this incredible muscle at every stage of life. Just as you would your biceps, your glutes or even your hustle muscle.

And repeat. Five times. Daily.

See you at the trampoline!

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