A Snippet of my Love Story

Never in my life would I have expected to be in the position that I am in now- madly and utterly besotted with Butterball’s dad, also referred to as Partner R in my posts.

My low point

In December of 2016, I sunk, mentally and emotionally. I just could not shake off the macabre feeling of loneliness that hung over me.I had experienced depression before and knew what tools to apply: see a professional, daily affirmations, physical exercise, surrounding myself with family, seeing friends, gratitude lists and prayer. Alas, none of these could drag me out of this deep, dark ditch.

A friend in shining armour

Partner R re-entered* my life at a crucial point. Talking to him made me smile. I anticipated seeing him. Our friendship developed and he listened to my woes and victories. I, inturn, was attentive to him as he was grieving the end of a relationship. We healed one another while promising to be purely platonic. I agreed because I didn’t want to be a rebound. I saw great potential in him in being in my future.I was adamant that I did not want to ruin this connection.

Partner R is level headed, meticulous and careful. He is also generous and giving. I remember when I told him I wanted to play Super Mario Bros and that night he bought over his Nintendo system. I was determined to master my skills and practised regularly. I wouldn’t have been able to fulfil this if it wasn’t for his kindness. Little did he know that his friendship fanned away that black cloud that loomed over me.

A life altering event

Two months later, I was involved in a car accident where I was left in excruciating pain due to two bulging discs in my lower back. I had to move back in with mum and dad as there was no way I could live actively or independently. It’s at these moments that you know who your true friends are and I was lucky to be surrounded with visitors, messages and phone calls. Partner R visited me every night. In the haze of my valium and Panadene Forte cocktail, he kept me company.

Then it all unfolded…

Next he said something that made my heart skip a beat and the biggest smile crept across my face:

I lost you before and I don’t want to lose you again. I want to be with you.

From that moment on, we were a couple. From that moment on, I knew that car accident happened to cement our relationship.

Once I started getting more mobile, Parner R moved into my apartment with me to ensure I was able to handle the independence. He helped me with my chores. He coached me when I feared that I would not function pain free ever again. But his positive mindset was contagious. He simply was amazing and I was falling in love with him.


Over the following two and a half years, I healed, we travelled, adventured and had Baby Butterball.I never thought my life would unfold in this way. Partner R re-entered my life and it has been a whirlwind of love and craziness. And for that, I feel so incredibly lucky.

*Partner R re-entered my life as he was my very first boyfriend 16 years ago.

4 replies to “A Snippet of my Love Story

  1. You two are the absolute best. We love you and cousin Ro so much.
    I will always remember the time he came over to Nonnas when you dated him all those years back!! I will never let him forget it! Haha
    You two were meant for each other.


  2. Nice read Bella and from tragedy came a love story …. Othello to Romeo & Juliet but with a Butterball ending 🙂
    R is a good man and you are the best xxx


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