Older Mother Feels

An important fact I have learnt in life is, “everything is happening as it should. You are in the right place, at the right time”. And I believe in this with my every fibre of my being, no matter how depressing, tough or even how blissful the situation is.

Without a doubt, being pregnant and birthing Butterball at 37 years of age feels so right, just as it should. Despite being labelled a geriatric throughout the course of my pregnancy, I really didn’t care (although my partner genuinely thought I was going to get angsty about it when the label first got bandied about).

Having Butterball at this stage of my life is perfect. I hold zero regret in biding my time to be a mother.

Not that I chose this path, but I’m glad this path chose me.

I got to fall utterly, madly and deeply in love with my partner. I also managed to travel the world. Then as circumstances had it, I got to take great pride in my career. My journey allowed me to be silly, serious, take risks and learn HUGE lessons. I made lifelong friendships. I became closer to my family. I even got to dye my hair blonde, considering my natural hair colour is practically black! Yep, I’ve done a lot and I love it all- the pain, the joys, the downfalls and the glory!

Honestly, looking at where I stand, I am so proud of myself. Despite not being in my 20s- the optimal decade for rearing a child- my body still fell pregnant, gave birth and maintained the stamina for sleepless nights.

Geriatric mother, my ass!

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