Burscitis and the Beast

Do you have a part of your body that you love? An area that you don’t mind people seeing, even when you’re not feeling your best? A piece of yourself, that nature blessed you with?I have a few. Call me, “up myself”, but there are several body parts that I take pride in.First of all, my wrists. Those things are slender and feminine. They  are the visual drum roll to my hands.Next, I have strong calves. These babies make leggings look awesome.I love my clavicle. It comes out of hiding when I am at a healthy body weight. It is strong, seductive and makes a great shelf for my necklaces.And finally, my feet. My nail beds give the perfect ratio of polish to toe. I have high arches, which give a dramatic pointed effect that I showed off when doing pilates. Basically, if I were in the Flintstones, I would not use my feet to, “run”, my car.But then, in my final trimester, it was painful to walk on my feet in the morning. I never questioned the difficulty of getting out of bed, I just thought it was a symptom and it would disappear when my little Butterball was out of his, “bedwomb”.In fact, it was a matter of my feet growing bigger and flattening out. My ligaments, softer, collapsing under the  heaviness of my growing, pregnant body.Last week, I swear I thought I grew a new toe on my right foot. My family and I had just arrived in Hamilton Island for a holiday. Getting off the plane, that familiar, pregnancy foot pain returned. Get to the apartment, take off my shoe and my foot is wider. What the hell? Don’t let the natural aesthetic of my foot crumble now when all I have packed are a pair of  thongs and strappy sandals!!Fast forward to 7 days later and I’m in the podiatrist’s office, explaining that I think a bone has shifted – or – even worse, I have grown another toe!The foot doctor comforted me with that great word of reassurance, “nah“.”Pregnancy has made your feet wider and you need orthotics – an insert for your shoe”. Oh and I have developed burscitis- sacks of fluid that grow due to pressure and rubbing. A glorious gift from my now, irrelevant shoes.What the bunion? I am already struggling to return to my pre pregancy body but now there is no hope for my feet to bounce back? Damn it, they can’t even bounce forward or side to side.So, as this week is rolling on, my foot is strapped up. I must say, the tape feels glorious. It’s like a good bra- supportive, reliable, strong. I guess that while my feet won’t get back to their pre baby greatness, they can still serve their purpose, minus the vanity.In conclusion, if I were in the Flintstones now, I would be driving myself with my upsized feet to meet up with Betty and Wilma for a playdate with Pebbles, BamBam and my little Butterball.

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